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This is the place to be to construct face shields.

Construction Instructions

Instructions PDF

Don't forget the confirmation form.

Faceshield Confirmation Form

Construction Checklist


The serial number is placed on the SAME SIDE as the NJIT logo and on the top left of the white band.


The Foam is placed on the backside of the band and on the opposite side of the NJIT logo.


The punched tabs are punched out of the band on the same side as the NJIT logo and the serial number sticker.


The PET shield is placed on the same side as the NJIT logo and on top of both halves of the band.


The black strap is weaved through on only the side shown in the video so that the shield lays perfectly flat (provided instructions are for the medical professional receiving the shields).


The finished shield is flat and packed with the instructions.


The tool is NOT returned in the bag.


Serial numbers on shields match the kit range written on the bag. (If this is not the case, indicate that in the damages form)


10 shields are packed into an original kit bag with the serial number range.

Construction tips!

How to separate foam from tape

Attaching the shield to the frame

Broken shield?

Fill out these steps