Frequently Asked Questions

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Last updated 4/26/20.

About Us

We are a collaborative, community-based team protecting frontline healthcare workers by solving the PPE shortage. Our project began as a response to a design challenge proposed by the NJIT Albert Dorman Honors College for a medically sound, marketable face shield.

How is the Faceshield Made?

Our face shield was constructed and tested by several of the volunteers in our group. As we workshopped the design, we sent out prototypes to local health centers and to healthcare professionals for review. Their feedback has been integral to our design process.

The design is very easy to mass-produce and it takes less than 5 minutes to finish constructing a face shield.

The face shields consist of a clear polyethylene terephthalate (PET) sheet (9”x13”x0.007”), an elastic band (14.5”), a rectangle of foam (1x1x9”), and staples.

Factoring in all production costs and other expenses, one Faceshield costs $1.31.

Where Will These Masks Be Going?

We intend to designate at least 200 shields to NYU Langone Medical Center, 100 shields to Mt. Sinai, and the rest to hospitals in our NJ and NY community. The County of Bergen has released an open request for any and all DIY PPE and we intend to direct a majority of our face shields in Bergen county to them. The letter of interest for the donation of PPE’s on behalf of the county can be found here. In addition to that effort, we hope to donate medical equipment to Holy Name Medical Center, Morristown Medical Center, Bergen Regional Medical Center, and Valley Hospital.

How Can I Contribute?

There are two ways that you can potentially contribute. First and foremost we would sincerely hope that you consider helping us in the volunteering aspect of our operation. Constructing and delivering masks does require a time investment that we hope everyone would consider making. We have two separate facets of our volunteering operation which include delivery drivers that are willing drop kits to the constructors’ homes as well as the hospitals that are in need and constructors who are willing to build the face shields. In order to build face shields, the constructors must have access to a stapler for their household. As of right now, we are focusing our efforts on providing equipment to hospitals in both morris and bergen county, however, we hope to further expand so even if you are not within this area you may be able to help very soon! If you’re interested in volunteering, we request you submit the google form attached and well see you soon! If you are interested in this aspect of our organization you can click the link here.

Other than our volunteering program, a crucial aspect of our operation is the ability to continue providing face masks to these medical professionals that need them. We understand that given the circumstances that not everyone has the time or ability to volunteer. However, charitable donations play a large part in us continuing our mission, especially because we are a student-run organization. In order to best maintain transparency, we will be using a platform called GiveButter which accepts payments in many forms such as Venmo and PayPal. If you decide to choose this route of contributing, thank you so much for keeping us going and please consider sharing this with your friends and family! If you are interested in this aspect of our organization you can click this link here.

Further Questions? Contact us!


Parth Agrawal, Project Coordinator: 973-832-8684

Mark Pothen, Supply Chain Manager & Logistics: 201-580-7195

Daniel Lee, Promotion Manager: 916-676-1504

Ruth Fiore, Logistics Manager: 848-525-6352

Juliana Yang, Design and Outreach Manager: 908-967-8786

Owais Aftab, Finance Manager: 732-809-8093

John Adé Kolade, Design and Innovation Manager: 607-444-2635